August 18, 2022

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3 Have Fun Modes to Treat Lose Streak in Mobile Legends

Lose Streak is one of the many phenomena that are often experienced by ranked solo players in the Mobile Legends game. Lose Streak itself if interpreted, it means consecutive defeats. It could be more than three times or maybe it could be more than that so that it can cause frustration or irritation to the ranked solo player for the defeat he experienced.

Many factors can cause a solo ranked player in the Mobile Legends game to experience this Lose Streak feeling. Like your skills that are not capable of mastering the macro and micro of a hero, the timing of the push rank is not right, playing when you are stressed so you can’t focus, and so on. Because Mobile Legends is a 5 versus 5 game, the dominant cause of a Lose Streak phenomenon that usually occurs is because of your teammates factor.

Whether it’s a map-blind team, can’t use their heroes well, too many spam chats, open wars without any follow-up, and maybe the worst thing is trolling. If you have trolled, your enemies are not 5 people anymore, but added to your team who trolled earlier. Whether it’s the buffs being pulled, the draft pick heroes are messed up, no one wants to buy roam items, and all the suffering of ranked solo players in the Mobile Legends game.

A game that should be relaxing, has turned out to be frustrating. Maybe if that’s the case, it’s better for you to stop first and take a break from the battle in the Land of Dawn. However, when you are in a Lose Streak state, but want to keep slaughtering enemies by having fun in Mobile Legends, take it easy. Moonton does not only provide serious Modes such as Ranked and Classic. However, Moonton also created some of these modes as a means of treating the Lose Streak that you experienced earlier.

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What are these modes? Well, here are 3 have fun modes to treat the feeling of losing streak for solo ranked players in Mobile Legends, as follows:

Brawl Mode in Mobile Legends [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]

The first is Brawl Mode. This mode is one of the modes that are suitable for being able to vent your Lose Streak feeling normally. Forget about rotation, Jungler, map blind, Lord and Turtle. Because none of that applies in Brawl. In this mode you will only play in one straight lane, unlike Ranked and Classic which have 3 lanes.

Which means, at the beginning of the game you can slaughter enemies without having to laning phase formerly. You guys are focused enough to destroy 2 plus turrets base turret enemy carefully. Although the weakness of this mode is that you can only buy items when your hero dies. So try to kill your hero in this mode is not in vain. At least kill one enemy or get one enemy turret.

The hero selection system in Brawl mode is a bit different. Where you have to choose from 2 available random hero card picks. You can replace the available hero with a gacha of 10 diamonds per card. Brawl mode is also originally a chancy. Because using the gacha system earlier, it means that it is very vulnerable to draft pick heroes that are not balanced with the enemy just like Classic mode.

2. AI Mode

AI Mode in Mobile Legends [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]
AI Mode in Mobile Legends [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]

The second AI mode. Do you guys still play Brawl Lose Streak? Try this AI mode. This mode has a system similar to Classic mode, but your opponent is a BOT. While your team is a player like you. Even if you pick a random hero in this mode, it doesn’t matter. After all, in the end 100% of you will win too in this mode.

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Even if your 4 player team is a burden, you can feel the hype of slaughtering enemies in AI mode easily without having to think too much. At the same time, this mode is also perfect for those of you who want to feel what it’s like to be a hyper carry but never got to the Ranked mode.

Creation Camp in Mobile Legends [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]
Creation Camp in Mobile Legends [Sumber : Dok. Pribadi/Ibnuh Sulaiman]

The last one is Creation Camp. Do you think the AI ​​mode above is too easy to play? Want to experience having fun in Mobile Legends, which is more like cheating without having to use illegal cheat tools? Creation Camp is the solution. This Creation Camp is the same as Classic mode but is a cheat version. You will be fighting real players with some special options that can be changed.

In this mode, you can feel like being an official cheater player in the Mobile Legends game. You can customize the match map to your liking. Such as increased damage, increased movement speed, changing the size of Jungler monsters, skills without cooldowns, prolonged stun effects and many other settings that you can tamper with in this Creation Camp.

And what makes this mode even more fun is that the options that you can tweak earlier can be applied only to your team so that the ability status can be increased. While on the enemy team, you can make the ability status decrease. So that your team can be far superior and easy to slaughter. To be able to play in this Creation Camp, at least you have to have Creation Camp Ticket for one play. Or if you don’t have the ticket, you can pay 50 diamonds instead.

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So, those were the 3 have fun modes to treat the feeling of losing streak for solo ranked players in Mobile Legends. In your opinion, what other modes can make a solo player’s losing streak feel like having fun besides the three modes mentioned above? May be useful.