December 2, 2022

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3 Grief Only LDR Warriors Feel

Long distance relationship or LDR is not a new thing for today’s couples. If in the past for most people, LDR was very difficult because they had to be separated by distance, now along with the times, LDR is no longer that difficult because we can still communicate with our partners via our respective cellphones. Although it feels clearly different from communicating directly. But, at least the longing in the heart can be cured a little.

Along with the existing facilities, there are also more chances for successful LDR couples to survive even to continue to a more serious level, namely marriage. However, there are also couples who fail to maintain the longevity of their relationship. The cliche reason is because they can’t afford to have to interact only via virtual. As a result, breaking up is the option they choose so as not to be tormented more deeply because of longing.

For those who are able to survive, of course the key is in communication and trust. However, behind all that, there are also sad things that are felt by them.

Here are 3 sorrows that only LDR fighters can feel.

1. Often mistaken for single

Because of LDR, we are used to going here and there alone without the presence of a partner, so it is not surprising that there are so many people who think that we are still single. Worse yet, sometimes we are said not to sell because of the reasons earlier. Even though these people don’t know that we have a partner. In everyday life, it is okay to look alone, but on a day-to-day basis, it is clear that someone has filled it. Is it right?

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2. Nothing is hindered by distance

The sad thing about LDR couples is that they can only communicate and interact through social media. If it’s just talking, that’s fine. But, now the problem is, we can’t be intimate with our partner. Want to hold each other’s hands, can’t. Especially if you want to hug. Yes, stuck can only say miss and I love you just.

3. How come Dating is virtual

Come on, admit, who has been told by a friend like this? “Why virtual dating?”“Isn’t there anything close?”“If something goes wrong later, how can your virtual boyfriend come to see you?” And there are many other similar innuendos. Yes, the problem is now, there is no close person who understands the distant person. How are you doing?

Those are some of the problems that are often faced by LDR fighters. Relate not in you?