September 27, 2022

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3 Facts about Nam Yoon Soo in Today’s Webtoon, Described as the Perfect Man

Upcoming SBS drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’ teased viewers by releasing plotted Nam Yoon Soo’s transformation into a genius employee. ‘Today’s Webtoon’ is a Korean remake of the popular 2016 Japanese drama ‘Sleepeeer Hit!’. This drama is about On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who retires due to an injury, and becomes a part of Neon Webtoon’s editorial department as a new employee. He struggles with all his might to become a true webtoon editor in the midst of South Korean webtoon competition.

Previously, Nam Yoon Soo was confirmed to join Kim Se Jeong and Choi Daniel through his role as Goo Joon Young. How’s the Character?

1. Oh Ma Eum’s Co-worker

Kim Sejong plays the character Oh Ma Eum. Meanwhile Goo Joon Young is Oh Ma Eum’s co-worker, who entered the company at the same time as him.

Just like On Ma Eum who had difficulty adapting to a new work environment, Goo Joon Young also experienced the same thing. He had to adjust to a new job as part of the webtoon department after working for a well-known IT company.

2. Genius, But Cold

Goo Joon Young is one of the proud employees of the company. Besides his handsome face, there is another proud thing, namely Joon Young has an impressive IQ of 150. No wonder he is always in the spotlight wherever he goes.

During his life, he had never faced at all. Until finally, he met Oh Ma Eum and the process of adaptation in a new work environment. Also, due to his bright appearance and cool demeanor and fiery spirit, he doesn’t have many close friends at work.

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3. Must be the best of the best

He is a hotshot Neon Webtoon employee. His high ambition always makes him compete with other employees. He always wanted to be the best of the best.

Joon Young’s life is perfect, in contrast to Ma Eum’s. Goo Joon Young and On Ma Eum are very different from each other, but what if they were brought together in a department that required them to work together?

‘Today’s Webtoon’ will premiere on July 29 at 10 pm South Korean time. Can’t wait for ya!