July 2, 2022


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3 Easy Ways to Find Ideas when You Want to Create Content

As a writer or content creator, you must have experienced running out of ideas. Especially when you are tired. It must have been more complicated than usual.

However, you don’t need to worry because with these 3 ways ideas for writing and creating content will be easier to find. Check out the explanation through the following description, yes!

1. Explore Instagram

There are several websites that can help you provoke ideas and creativity when you are stuck. One of them is exploring Instagram.

By visiting the magnifying glass icon on Instagram, you will find out which topics are being talked about a lot by social media users. This will certainly bring up new ideas for your content.

In addition, this method is quite easy to do to see how other people package their content to be more interesting. You can use the ATM method, aka observe, imitate, and modify, by looking at other people’s content that many Instagram users like.

2. Trending on Twitter

Still using social media, you can also take advantage of the trending section of Twitter to create fun topics in your content. By inserting viral news, it will certainly make your writing or content more interesting.

Not only that, your writing and content will always seem up-to-date and not out of date up to date to new issues.

3. FYP TikTok

Social Media on this one also cannot be underestimated by writers and content creators. This one application is increasingly being used not only for dancing, but also widely used by business people to education.

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You can find ideas for your writing and content by looking at other people’s works that are currently being liked by many netizens.

4. Google Trends

Next up is Google Trends. This site makes it easy for you to be up to date with trends that are happening in Indonesia. This method will make your content fun and not monotonous.

In addition, other people tend to see the latest news of the day, so when you create content like that, your writing has great potential to get readers.

5. Pinterest

The last website you can try to visit is Pinterest. This site is no less good for finding design ideas and quotes that can be tucked into your content.

Here are 5 ways to find ideas for your writing and content. Good luck!