December 1, 2022

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3 Easy Tips to Stop Doomscrolling Kebiasaan

If you’ve ever found yourself endlessly searching for negative news online, you may be experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition known as doomscrolling. Don’t take it lightly, it’s important for you to be aware of your surroundings, along with all activities real life that affect your life and the lives of those you care about. Similar to other compulsive behavior disorders, the more time you spend searching for negative news, the greater your obsession with finding more objectionable content.

Here are some tips you can start using to stop doomscrolling to improve your mental health.

1. Limit online time

Put yourself in charge of time on line you. Although most of us use the internet and its apps many times during any given day, try to set a realistic limit on the amount of time you spend on on lineespecially when you don’t need to use it.

Surfing the internet can be an enriching, entertaining and enlightening experience, not to mention an unavoidable part of living in the modern world of technology. Nevertheless, many of us find ourselves mixing work and time on line personal.

Start by dividing your time and allocating it wisely. Focus on taking care of the task on lineYour most important things first, especially those related to work. Then, as time allows, try visiting more positive and productive content when you have the urge to surf on line.

Similar to someone battling another compulsive behavior disorder, you may not be able to stop doing doomscrolling quickly. However, chances are, you should be able to significantly reduce the urge to do so over time.

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2. Block sites that smell negative

There really is no way to avoid content on line which is totally negative. Every time we surf the internet, there is only negative content that will appear and attract us to open the site. One way you can control the sites you visit is to place your own limits on the content you are allowed to receive. Also, you may just need to gain a greater sense of self-control to help prevent you fromclick that negative content.

3. Find a new, healthier hobby in the real world

One of the best ways to get rid of bad habits is to start healthy habits to replace them. Apart from setting a time limit on line or disconnecting from the internet altogether, maybe one of the best ways to stop doomscrolling is to actively engage in activities offline which is more fun. In other words, even though you may be a mixed-up person, you shouldn’t engage in behavior on line unhealthy, like doomscrolling.

Those are three powerful ways to overcome doomscrolling. Come on, put it into practice!