September 27, 2022

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3 Delicious and Delicious Fried Noodle Toppings, Guaranteed to Be Addicted!

Surely everyone agrees that eating fried noodles is an incomparable pleasure, especially if you add a topic that is suitable for eating fried noodles. There are many fried noodles that are favored by the community, such as Indomie, Supermi, Lemonilo, and others.

Usually many people add eggs, vegetables, to chili as a complement to fried noodles. However, apart from these toppings, you can add other toppings that you may never have imagined before. Don’t worry, it won’t take away the delicious taste of the noodles!

Check out some of the fried noodle toppings below, come on!

1. Corned beef

corned beef illustration (

You can add corned beef as a topping to a plate of fried noodles, you know! Besides adding a delicious taste, corned beef is also very easy to cook with fried noodles. You can add 2 tablespoons of corned beef or half a can, depending on the size of the can of corned beef you have.

After boiling the noodles until cooked, you can stir-fry the corned beef with other toppings using cooking oil until it looks brown or cooked, then it’s ready to be served with fried noodles! How easy is it not?

2. Fried chicken

fried chicken illustration ( Paina)
fried chicken illustration ( Paina)

Adding fried chicken as a topping for fried noodles is really good, you know! You can use fried chicken crispy or fried chicken frozen. You just need to make fried noodles as usual, then add the fried chicken you like. Wow, imagine how delicious it is to eat fried noodles with fried chicken!

3. Shredded or fried onions

shredded illustration ( Hernandez)
shredded illustration ( Hernandez)

Lastly, you need to try this one fried noodle topping, which is shredded or fried onions. If you have shredded, you can just sprinkle it over the cooked fried noodles. However, adding fried onions on top of fried noodles is still delicious, really! Shredded and fried onions are practical and delicious toppings for fried noodles!

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When you eat fried noodles without toppings, it feels like something is missing. Because the portion of fried noodles is sometimes too small if you don’t add toppings. Instead of eating too much noodles, the shortcut is to just add toppings as mentioned above! Besides tasting better, you’ll feel fuller!