October 6, 2022


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3 Dangerous Impacts of Living in Humid Rooms, Don’t Be Underestimated!

Living in humid rooms has harmful effects that cannot be underestimated. Do not let neglect without prevention or treatment efforts, eventually have a negative impact on the health of the body.

Especially if the room is damp to moldy. Besides being harmful to health, it is also uncomfortable to look at. For those who have a strong immune system, the adverse effects on health may not be felt immediately.

However, for the long term it is still not recommended. Regardless of whether your immune system is high or low, understand well some of the harmful effects of living in humid rooms rukita.co following:

1. Disruption of the respiratory tract

The first harmful impact, can cause the respiratory tract to be disturbed. This is because the bacteria and fungi that are in the room are inhaled into the respiratory tract. Air that has been contaminated with bacteria and fungi, when inhaled can cause allergies.

In addition, it can also cause respiratory irritation and poisoning. So, it is not recommended for those of you who are sensitive to dust or have a weak immune system to stay in a room with humid conditions like this.

Not only that, people who have problems in the respiratory organs, such as having chronic lungs or asthma are also not recommended. If it is still done, it is most likely that the condition of the respiratory tract is getting worse.

2. Sleep Quality Is Disturbed

Sleep quality is disturbed when the room is humid. One of the disorders in question is insomnia or difficulty sleeping. This is because humid rooms tend to be uncomfortable when occupied.

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Though quality sleep is very important for the health of the body. If you have quality sleep, various dangerous diseases can be prevented, such as heart disease or diabetes. Quality sleep also has a significant effect on mood.

3. Potentially Cause Allergies

The dangerous impact of the last humid room when occupied is the potential to cause allergies. Things like this can happen to someone who is very sensitive to exposure to dust, mold or bacteria.

Those are the three dangers of living in a humid room. To minimize these harmful effects, clean the room regularly. Make sure the air circulation that enters the room is sufficient so that it is not easy to cause the room to be damp due to mold.