September 27, 2022

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3 Consequences of Always scolding your child when you get bad grades at school

For parents or prospective parents, it is very wise if we always encourage our children to be smarter and can get very satisfying grades for children and also make their parents proud.

But, what if the child is too under pressure from his parents to be able to produce good school grades? Is that something good?

For parents, try to think more clearly. For children what is needed is positive support from their parents, because after all parents always see the development of their children and parents can be good guides for children.

If there are parents who still often scold or even beat their children because the reason the child’s grades are very unsatisfactory, this will be bad for the child. These are some of the consequences, if children are always scolded by their parents when they get bad grades at school.

Illustration of children studying at school ( Podrez)

When children are scolded too often, even though they have the courage to tell the results of the grades they get at school. With the efforts that the children have made to get good grades and can make their parents proud, but in the end, they have not been able to get it.

They will think it’s cunning not to be scolded by their parents anymore, because they don’t want to be constantly pressured by their parents. Children will do various ways, the important thing is that they get good school grades and don’t make their parents angry.

In the end, children will lie, they will often cheat, because the child sees that his parents only care about the end result, not the effort that has been made.

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2. Mental Damage in Children

Illustration of a crying child (Pexels/Keira Burton)
Illustration of a crying child ( Burton)

How not to damage the mental? If the child is always pressured to get good grades. They will feel afraid and will always be anxious.

However, children do not want to get harsh treatment from their parents. Too often scolded or even until the parents beat the child, it makes the child feel unappreciated. Children may be desperate to run away from home.

3. Has a Selfish Nature

Illustration of a child looking gloomy (Pexels/RODNAE Productions)
Illustration of a child looking gloomy ( Productions)

Sometimes, children will have characters who want to win themselves, if parents continue to force children to get perfect scores.

The child will be angry or displeased with his friend who can beat his score. The child will want to continue to be the truest and no one should be much smarter than him. Surely a child like this, will actually make his friends dislike him.

It is better for parents, regardless of the value of a child, it is better for us to appreciate it and support it so that we can try again to get the maximum value, of course in a good way, no need to get angry, no need to be rude to beat children. Children need to be looked after carefully.