December 6, 2022

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3 Common Diseases that Accompany Pregnancy and How to Treat Them

Pregnant women must pay attention to their health conditions and frequently check with the nearest health center or doctor so that both the mother and the unborn baby are healthy. This is also so that something unwanted does not happen. Because, it is common for mothers who are pregnant with congenital diseases of pregnancy.

In the writings of Dewi Kartika Alam, Warning! Pregnant mother, There are three diseases that usually accompany pregnancy.

1. Epilepsy

Pregnant women with epilepsy (abnormalities) neurologic) need proper handling, so as not to risk to the mother as well as the baby. This is because the risk of pregnant women with epilepsy is greater than that of normal pregnant women. Death rate neonate in epilepsy patients who are pregnant is three times that of normal women.

The way to handle it is that the mother must use anti-epileptic drugs to control the onset of epileptic seizures, as well as prevent the fetus or fetus from being affected by the anti-epileptic drugs used.

2. Blood clotting

Blood clotting or Anti-Pospholipid Syndrome (APS) is an immune system disorder that causes blood to clot easily. This disorder can affect many organs, from the head, vision, hearing, nerves, kidneys, womb, to the skin because it involves blood vessels in all parts of the human body.

In pregnant women, these blood clots can cause repeated miscarriages, premature birth, stunted fetal growth, green and scanty amniotic fluid.

If treated with the right therapy, the baby’s birth process can still run smoothly. The trick, if it’s still light, it’s enough to drink salicylic acid, and if it’s heavy, it’s injected with heparin.

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3. Typhoid fever

This disease is caused by infection with germs that enter the body through the digestive tract, germs that have entered will reach the small intestine tissue, then enter the bloodstream.

In pregnant women, typhoid fever is very dangerous. This fever will cause bleeding and intestinal leakage, spread of infection to the lungs, kidneys, bones, and liver.

How to prevent it by getting used to washing hands before eating, maintaining the cleanliness of food and drinks, and storing food properly. Treatment is by being treated in a hospital. Typhoid vaccine should be given before pregnancy.

Here are three of several diseases that accompany pregnancy. May we always be healthy by Him.