September 26, 2022

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3 Benefits of Telang Flowers for Health, One of which Can Overcome Asthma

Telang flower has a beautiful and distinctive color when brewed and has been widely used as a natural food or beverage coloring.

Although it looks beautiful, this telang flower has a bitter taste and needs to be blended properly using natural sweeteners.

Then, when this telang flower is brewed and given a lime feeling, it will turn blue. Not only beautiful flower color changes, butterfly pea flowers also have good benefits for the health of the body.

This is because of the properties possessed by the telang flower, one of which is the content of antioxidants to anti-cancer.

The following are three benefits of telang flower for body health which are summarized from: Gramedia.

1. Overcoming Diabetes Problems

Telang flower has a higher antioxidant content and can overcome the problem of diabetes. This butterfly flower has an effect in the form of: hypoglycemia which can lower glucose levels and blood glucose levels glycosylated hemoglobin.

As a result, the pea flower can increase the serum insulin content in the blood glycogenbone and liver muscle.

If diabetics consume telang flower with a concentration of 0.25 to 1.00 mg. Then this can inhibit the formation of AGE and able to reduce levels of fructosamine and oxidation of proteins.

2. Anti-Cancer

Telang flower also has other health benefits, namely anti-cancer. Based on research, the anti-cancer of this telang flower comes from its anti-proliferative activity which can be active on six types of cancer cells.

The types of cancer cells that can be prevented by telang flower are breast cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer and male genital cancer cell lines.

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In addition, the telang flower has menthol extract which can suppress angiogenesis. What’s that angiogenesis? This is the process of forming new blood vessels that cancer cells can carry out.

3. Can Overcome Asthma

Another benefit of flowers that have this beautiful color is that they are able to overcome asthma problems. In fact, the treatment of asthma using this flower has been carried out in India to overcome the problem of asthma accompanied by coughing.

The reason is, telang flower with a certain amount can overcome acute asthma problems to relieve coughing by induction of sulfur dioxide and citric acid.

In one study, the extract of the pea flower was added with several ingredients in it. This can be a powerful alternative to asthma therapy, especially to treat asthma that relapses due to allergies.

Thus was the three benefits of butterfly pea flower for body health. Hopefully useful for all.