October 1, 2022


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3 Benefits of Sweet Potato Leaves, Good for Digestion to Overcome Inflammation

Not only tubers, sweet potato leaves can also be consumed by boiling or processing into various dishes. Sweet potato leaf is a tropical to temperate climate plant that has a heart-like shape, smooth edges and long stalks.

Both young and mature sweet potato leaves have good health benefits. In addition to its delicious, savory taste with a slightly bitter taste, sweet potato leaves also contain many vitamins such as vitamin C, A, thiamin, riboflavin, niacinand folic acid.

When compared to other green leafy vegetables, sweet potato leaves have a lot of fiber and dietary nutrients. Compiled from carevo.id, The following are three benefits of sweet potato leaves for health.

1. Good for digestion

Sweet potato leaves turned out to have good benefits for the stomach. The reason is, the amount of dietary fiber content in sweet potato leaves can help improve the smoothness of the digestive tract.

In addition, dietary fiber is also good in relieving constipation and also helps prevent colon cancer. Sweet potato leaves can also be made into drinks because they are very good for distractions gastrointestinal (GI).

2. Prevent heart disease

Sweet potato leaves also contain Vitamin K which can help prevent calcification of the arteries which is the main cause of heart attacks.

Vitamin K is an important nutrient that can reduce inflammation and prevent cells lining blood vessels such as arteries and veins.

The content of vitamin K in sweet potato leaves can help maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack.

3. Can overcome inflammation or inflammation

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Sweet potato leaves turned out to contain Beta carotene which is an anti-inflammatory compound that can be a natural painkiller.

To overcome inflammation in the body, we can take advantage of sweet potato leaves by steaming and eating directly. In addition, sweet potato leaf juice can also be made to benefit from its pain-relieving properties.

Well, those are the three benefits of sweet potato leaves for body health. Good luck and hopefully useful.