August 8, 2022

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3 Benefits of Sunscreen for Skin that are Often Ignored

There are still many who do not know the benefits of sunscreen for the skin, so they ignore its use. Not just a cream or lotion, sunscreen contains special chemicals that have many benefits, some of which are:

1. Protects from the Bad Effects of UV Rays

The first benefit is to protect the skin from exposure to UV rays. Although the skin needs vitamin D which comes from the sun, if it is excessive it is harmful to health.

The short-term impact of UV exposure causes the skin to become dry, red and peeling. For the long-term impact, it causes sunburn, black spots and even the most dangerous, potentially causing skin cancer.

Efforts to minimize things like this can be done by regularly using sunscreen. It is important to know that UV rays can also enter through windows. So, its use is not only when outside the home, but also inside the house.

2. Prevents Premature Aging

The next benefit, preventing premature aging. It is important to understand that there are UVA and UVB types of sunlight. The type of sunlight that causes premature aging is UVA.

While the UVB type can cause a burning and stinging sensation, even the most dangerous in the long term has the potential to cause skin cancer. In this case the role of sunscreen is very important to protect the skin from the dangers of exposure to both.

3. Evens out skin tone

The last benefit of sunscreen for skin is to even out the color. As we know that when the sun is exposed to the skin for too long, it will cause discoloration in certain areas.

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Discoloration becomes darker due to excessive sun exposure or other terms experiencing hyperpigmentation. To overcome this, use sunscreen regularly. Not only can be used to overcome, but also prevent.

There are many sunscreen products out there with varying SPF amounts. You can choose it according to your skin condition. This SPF number affects the amount of product protection when used from exposure to UVB rays.

The protection and benefits of sunscreen for the skin will be stronger as the number of SPF increases. Don’t forget to pay attention to the content in the sunscreen product, especially for those of you who have allergies to certain chemicals so that they are safe when used.