December 2, 2022

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3 Benefits of Singing for Mental Health, Did You Know?

Singing is one of the activities that many people do not realize without realizing it. Either when you listen to a song and then sing along to it, or indeed because you like and have a hobby of singing. Singing can not only be done by people with a melodious voice, anyone can and may sing for themselves and others.

Sometimes when sad, someone tends to sing sad songs, as well as when they are happy. This is done to entertain the heart and yourself. However, it is rarely realized that these activities that are considered normal have positive benefits for one’s mental health. Quoted from, here are three benefits of singing for one’s mental health:

1. Reduce stress

Someone who sings when feeling sad or depressed can lower hormones cortisol cause of stress in them so that the level of stress experienced will be reduced. In addition, by singing a person will feel more relaxed and calmer.

Sometimes singing can also be a way to express the feelings that are in the heart, so that after singing someone will feel more relieved.

2. Improve emotional health

In research Shalgrenska Academy, it was found that the heart rate of adolescents who followed the chorus became slower and synchronized according to the rhythm of the music they were singing. This can make the heart work better and regularly.

According to Vikhoff, by singing one activates the nerves vagus which is useful for slowing the heart rate. This is useful for improving the emotional health of the person.

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3. Reduce negative thoughts and anxiety

When alone, often an individual thinks about many things until negative things start to appear in his mind. However, by singing, a person will focus more on the song he is singing, thereby reducing the risk of overthinking due to negative thought pressure.

In addition, singing can also release happy hormones which are very useful for warding off your anger or emotions when facing something. This hormone can also eliminate excessive anxiety.

Those are 3 benefits of singing for one’s mental health. So, have you felt the benefits too?