December 6, 2022

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3 Benefits of Participating in Writing Competitions, More Confidence!

Are you a person who loves to write? If so, have you ever participated in a writing competition? It would be nice if our writings could participate in the competition, let alone win in the competition.

Nowadays, a lot of information has been spread through social media, including info on several writing competitions. There are many writing competitions that you can enter with various terms and conditions. If you intend to enter the competition, you can immediately read and follow the terms and conditions that apply. Usually, there will be prizes given to the winners and of course the prizes will make you more enthusiastic in participating in the competition.

It turns out that it’s not just a gift that you can get. There are also several benefits that you can get when you enter a writing competition.

1. Practice Discipline in Writing

Calendar illustration (Pexels/Olya Kobruseva)

When you intend to enter a writing competition. With any theme, with any terms and conditions. The name is a competition, usually given a time limit for the collection of works. For example, within a month you should be able to complete your writing with a minimum of 1,000 words.

You will automatically discipline yourself. You will have the urge to continue to finish your work before the collection time is up.

2. Develop Writing Ability

Illustration of a man with his laptop (Pexels/Ron Lach)
Illustration of a man with his laptop (Pexels/Ron Lach)

It’s clear, when you are working on writing to be entered into a writing competition, whether you realize it or not, you must have developed your writing skills. Your brain is sharpened when you are actually working on your writing.

Moreover, in participating in competitions, usually in terms of the theme has been determined by the competition committee. Well, this is where you are increasingly aware that your abilities will continue to be developed in this regard. Because it is not easy to do writing with one theme that will be followed by several people who are also participants in the competition. Surely you want your work to look different and attractive in the eyes of the judges and committee.

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3. Make More Confidence

Illustration of a person looking happy while using his laptop (Pexels/SHVETS production)
Illustration of a person looking happy while using his laptop (Pexels/SHVETS production)

Many people want to enter writing competitions, but there are also many people who don’t really believe in themselves that their work deserves to be entered in a competition.

If you have entered the competition and succeeded in submitting your work to the competition, it means that you have become a more confident person.

You can believe in yourself that your work deserves to be included in a competition. In participating in a writing competition, you automatically have to believe that you can be like other people who also believe in what has been written and will be seen by the committee.

Win or not, that’s a matter of late. Most importantly, we have tried our best to get decent results and be able to enter a writing competition. Because, there are also many benefits that can be obtained in a writing competition.