August 14, 2022

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3 Benefits of Paris Lilies for Indoor Health

Parisian lilies or commonly known as spider plant with its characteristic which has thin and curved leaves forming like spider legs, is an ornamental plant that is loved by many people. This plant comes from Africa that grows in tropical forests, but now we can easily find it everywhere. In addition to adding to the aesthetic value of a room decorated by this plant, it seems that paris lilies also provide benefits for the environment and others, you know. What are the benefits, consider the following.

1. Reduce air pollution

According to Nasa Clean Air Study conducted in 1989, ornamental plants are able to remove volatile organic compounds in the air. Ornamental plants including paris lilies are able to reduce various pollutants in the air. These plants convert harmful substances such as pollutants into harmless carbon dioxide.

Launch Gardenineresearch conducted by NASA says, that paris lilies or spider plant is one of the best plants for purifying the air. Because it has been proven, the plant can remove as much as 95% of toxins commonly found in homes as smoky solvents such as benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia.

2. Tolerant to lead

Most plants will be very susceptible and will not want to grow if planted in unhealthy soil. Unlike paris lilies, this plant can grow in soil that has been contaminated with heavy metals such as lead. According to African Journal of Biotechnology entitled ”Lead tolerance and detoxification mechanism of Chlorophytum comosum”, indicating that paris lilies can grow well in soils containing up to 500 mg lead/kg dry soil.

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Another study said that spider plant may be one of the useful plants for absorbing or removing lead. This plant is also an option in an effort to reduce lead from the soil with high biomass benefits and low costs.

3. Can improve mood, focus, and productivity

The paris lily plant has therapeutic properties that can reduce depression, anxiety, anger, and tension. This is because plants are able to create a healthy living environment by removing toxins and absorbing carbon dioxide.

Putting this ornamental plant in the workspace can be an attractive option. Because paris lilies are known to improve the ability to focus. Parisian lilies can also prevent fatigue at work, making it easier for us to stay focused throughout the day.

Those are the three benefits of paris lilies for indoor health. In addition to its very attractive visuals, paris lilies provide many positive benefits for both themselves and the environment, because of their ability to create a healthier environment. Interested in planting it?