December 2, 2022

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3 Benefits of Listening to Music for Health, One of them is Overcoming Stress

Listening to music has health benefits. As is known, the combination of rhythm and lyrics in this music can improve physical, mental and emotional health. The reason is, music can indirectly affect a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior.

This can be seen once when you listen to music with various rhythms, you will be carried away by the atmosphere. In a study, music was found to be beneficial for health including calming the mind, energizing the body, and managing pain.

Compiled from Adoctor, The following are three benefits of listening to music for the health of the body.

1. Can improve mood

When listening to music, this can affect a person’s mood so that it can be used as relaxation therapy. In a study, listening to cheerful music can make a person’s mood better.

Music therapy can also improve concentration and memory, brain health and emotional health problems.

2. Can overcome sleep disorders

If you often experience sleep disorders such as insomnia, music can be the solution. As in a study people who listen to music before bed, will be able to sleep more soundly.

The reason, music can make the body and mind become more relaxed. Then, you can also choose music with soft and slow strains and avoid listening to music with a headset.

3. Can cope with stress

In a study showed that people who listen to music will recover faster from stress. This is because listening to music can reduce the release of the hormone cortisol or stress in the body.

In addition, listening to music can also reduce symptoms of depression. In fact, everyone has different tastes in music, so you can listen to music according to your own wishes.

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In addition, to maintain the health of our bodies not only by listening to music. We also need to live a healthy life such as eating a balanced nutritious diet, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly.

Those were the three benefits of listening to music for the health of the body. Good luck and hopefully useful