December 1, 2022

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3 Benefits of Lavender Flowers for Mental Health

Flowers are one of the plants that are liked by many people. Flowers can please you in certain situations and also cheer you up when you are sad or bored. Flowers have surprising benefits that you don’t realize, one of which is lavender. Your mental health before it got worse can slowly improve because of the benefits of flowers.

Summarize Push Doctorhere are three benefits of lavender flowers for mental health.

1. Lowers Anxiety

Stress or anxiety that you usually feel is part of everyday life. Surely there is anxiety that you have experienced, whether it is low or high level. While there are many things that can be done to deal with anxiety, it has been found that flowers can help restore short-term calm to the situation.

A 2008 study found that hospital patients who had flowers in their pictures felt less anxious. The patient also appeared to be more positive about her recovery and required less postoperative care than the other patient who did not plant flowers in her room. You can plant enough flowers in your neighborhood.

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2. Help to Sleep

Sleep is important in your life. There are some flowers that can help you sleep peacefully. One of them is the aroma of lavender which is proven to reduce heart rate and blood pressure so you will feel relaxed.

When you are relaxed and calm the more likely you will be protected by the sound and oil. Lavender cannot cure insomnia on its own but can be helpful as part of a bedtime routine. You can try this if you have sleep disorders or insomnia. Maybe you will feel the effect gradually.

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3. Improve Memory

In 2015, researchers conducted a very interesting experiment where participants entered one of three rooms and completed a memory test. Each room has a different scent, such as rosemary, lavender, and other, indeterminate scents.

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They were tested to find out the impact of different smells on their brain memory. People who were in a rosemary-scented room got high letters on this test, so you could say that floral scents, especially rosemary, can help improve memory.

Those are the three benefits of lavender flowers for mental health. Hopefully the information above can help you to have a healthy and strong mentality.

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