December 1, 2022

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3 Benefits of Goji Berry for Health, Good for Anti-Aging

Maybe some people have heard of goji berries which are usually often used in the world of beauty, but this fruit also turns out to have health benefits.

Goji berries are also widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for approximately 2000 years. Then the taste of this goji berry fruit is sweet and can be consumed directly, made into juice or herbal tea. This fruit contains many nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, iron, selenium, potassium, zinc, and copper.

Another content in this goji berry fruit is that it contains antioxidants called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides. Where these antioxidants can protect the body from cell damage due to free radicals that can have a good impact on health. Compiled from HellohealthHere are three benefits of goji berries for health that you should know.

1. Boost the immune system

Goji berry fruit can help in increasing the immune system in fighting various diseases.

Where this fruit is called can increase lymphocyte or white blood cells that protect the body from bacteria and viruses. Then in a study in 60 adults showed that consuming goji berry juice can improve immune function.

2. Control blood sugar

Other benefits of goji berries are that they can lower blood sugar levels, reduce insulin resistance, and are also able to improve cells in producing insulin. The effect of this goji berry can control blood sugar because of its high antioxidant content.

3. Has anti-aging effect

Goji berry fruit is also able to inhibit aging, so it is not surprising that many cosmetic products use this fruit.

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Then the antioxidant content in goji berries, especially zeaxanthin, is also able to prevent cell damage, namely collagen in the skin.

Therefore, it can help delay the aging process and the antioxidant content in goji berries can also protect eye health.

Those are the three benefits of goji berries for health that you should know. Hopefully useful and good luck.