December 2, 2022

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3 Benefits of Goat Meat for Body Health, One of them Prevents Anemia

Soon, Muslims will celebrate Eid al-Adha 1443 H which will fall on July 9, 2022. At this moment there are usually sacrificial animals, namely goats or cows. Did you know that this goat meat has many benefits for the health of the body if it is processed properly and consumed in moderation.

Goat meat is usually cooked into curry, satay, soup, tongseng or other types of dishes. Then, goat meat is a type of red meat that is high in calories, protein and fat. In addition, goat meat also contains various types of amino acids and amino acids are a product of protein digestion. Quote from, Here are three benefits of goat meat for health.

1. Prevent Anemia

Goat meat seems to be useful for preventing anemia symptoms such as iron deficiency and anemia megaloblastic.

The reason is, goat meat contains vitamin B12, folate and iron where these nutrients can help the body produce red blood cells

Then the function of blood cells is to transport oxygen and various important nutrients, then circulate them to all organs of the body to keep them functioning properly

2. Bone health

The content of various minerals in goat meat, namely calcium, potassium and phosphorus is very beneficial for bone health.

In a study based on nutrition journal, Phosphorus and calcium are minerals that can help maintain strong bone density.

Meanwhile, based on the journal Osteoporosis Internationalgoat meat is rich in potassium which is also beneficial for bones.

The reason is, potassium will help neutralize acid levels in the body thereby reducing the risk of reduced calcium levels so that bone density is maintained.

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3. Good for the Heart

The potassium content in goat meat can also help facilitate the work of the heart when pumping blood, so that the rhythm of the heartbeat remains normal.

In addition, potassium can also stabilize blood pressure because it can help get rid of excessive sodium levels in the urine.

Just so you know sodium is one of the triggers of hypertension. In addition, the nutritional content of goat meat is also low in cholesterol where the cholesterol in 100 grams is 57 mg.

Low cholesterol can reduce the risk of blockages in blood vessels that can cause various heart diseases.

However, it is better not to cook goat meat with excessive salt so that the benefits can be obtained optimally.

Thus was the three benefits of goat meat for health. May be useful.