January 30, 2023


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3 Bad Neighbor Characters and How To Deal With Them

In every residential settlement, all must live side by side with other people, namely neighbors. When we have chosen a house to live in, we cannot choose who will be our neighbors. Neighbors have different traits and characters and some of them can really interfere with your life. Here are three examples of bad character neighbors and how to deal with them.

1. julid’s neighbor

You may have heard this term many times. This type of neighbor can cause bad feelings because he always has reason to think and even say bad things about whatever you do. He can easily comment negatively on others even if the comments are baseless.

Usually this type of neighbor does this because he is driven by jealousy that he cannot overcome. He doesn’t like seeing other people better at anything.

Therefore, you don’t need to take heart with julid’s neighbors. Leave it alone as long as it doesn’t pose a potential hazard. You can keep your distance if needed. Taking care of your mental health is more important than forcing yourself to hang out with negative people.

2. Hobby of showing off

This type of neighbor often has something new to show off. For example a new car or other expensive objects. He really enjoyed the stares of admiration or perhaps jealousy of the other neighbors.

Well, if there are neighbors of this type, you have to ask yourself again. Do you fall into the category of julid neighbors? if not, then you better act normal. As long as he doesn’t harm you, there’s no reason for you to bother with all their behavior patterns. After all, you don’t know the whole story of their life, do you? It could be, all the things he bought were paid for with hard work to pay off.

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3. Silly

Ignorant here means that your neighbor doesn’t seem to know any rules. he can act as he pleases without feeling guilty. He also did not pay attention to the boundaries of privacy between neighbors. His attitude can be annoying and you can be even more cranky because he doesn’t feel guilty about disturbing other people’s lives. For example, he often arbitrarily enters your home page without permission and without any need.

If you’re already really annoyed, you can try to be nice and explain that you’re annoyed. Sometimes he doesn’t mean anything bad but just doesn’t realize it. But if you find it difficult to say it yourself for some reason, you can ask for help from someone he respects such as the neighborhood leader for example.

Well, those are 3 bad neighbor characters that you might have met. Hopefully you can handle it well without causing further conflicts.