October 6, 2022


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3 Bad Impacts You Will Feel If You Lose Your Shame

As human beings, we must have shame within us. This shame will help us to sort out our words and actions and guard ourselves from unkind actions and words. Because, there are various bad effects that will occur if the shame is gone from us, including:

1. Proud when doing bad deeds

Humans are in the wrong place and forget. It is normal for someone to make a mistake or bad deed unintentionally. Of course, if someone has a good heart, there will be feelings of guilt in him, as well as a desire to improve himself and apologize if someone has been hurt by him. However, someone who has lost his sense of shame will not feel any of that. Instead, he will look for 1001 justifications that can justify his actions.

2. The decline of morals and morals

If many people have no shame, this will lead to a decline in human morals and morals. As a result, there will be no guilt even if he makes a mistake or an act that is clearly bad in the eyes of values ​​and norms. In fact, instead of feeling ashamed, not a few of them actually dare to share their bad deeds on social media and feel proud of their actions.

We can see this phenomenon today, where many people are no longer shy about doing bad deeds openly, even uploading them on social media. They live as they please and are no longer familiar with customs and norms.

3. Don’t care about the feelings of those around you

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The loss of shame can make a person no longer care about the feelings of those around him, such as his parents, siblings or even his children. He did not think that the consequences of his actions would not only be borne by himself, but also by his family.

Those are the three bad effects of the loss of shame. It is proper that we always maintain shame and distance ourselves from actions that would embarrass ourselves.