October 6, 2022


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3 Bad Habits You Should Get Rid Of, Smoking Around Small Children!

There are good habits, then there are bad habits. So, here are some bad habits that you should get rid of. In addition to harming others, you are also harming yourself, you know.

What are the bad habits in question? To find out what happens next, read on for the following discussion, OK?

1. Smoking near small children

It’s no secret that cigarettes contain a lot of toxic and dangerous substances. In addition, passive smokers are much more at risk of the adverse effects of smoking than active smokers.

Therefore, you should avoid smoking close to other people, especially close to small children. This is really bad, you know.

In general, young children do not have perfect organ growth, plus their immune system is not the same as adults. Therefore, the effects of cigarette smoke for small children can be many times more dangerous than adults. So, never smoke near small children, okay?

2. Putting things carelessly

Another bad habit that is often done, is to put things carelessly. One of the most common, is to put the lock anywhere.

Without you knowing it, these bad habits can have a big impact on your life, you know. First, you’re wasting your time and energy looking for it. In fact, by putting discipline in one place, this incident does not need to happen.

Second, when this happens in the household, it can irritate the couple. Every day you have to face the drama of looking for keys, and not infrequently you become temperamental. You yourself put the key carelessly, even your partner gets scolded. Trivial things like this if it keeps happening can make the household tenuous, you know.

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3. Wasteful use of water

For areas that have difficulty with clean water, of course, use water as sparingly as possible. Unlike the case with areas that have abundant clean water, usually they are not grateful, so using it is wasteful.

Remember, you know, we don’t live for the moment. However, this earth will someday be the home of our children and grandchildren. If we currently use clean water without control, where will our children and grandchildren use the water from? So, be responsible in using water, yes.

Those are some bad habits that you should get rid of from now on. Come on, improve yourself to be a better human!