July 2, 2022


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3 Android Applications That Can Improve Photo Quality, Really Easy!

Photos are one of the ways used to capture moments in life that cannot be repeated twice. With photos, of course we will be able to remember the memories that we have done together either with your family or friends in one place.

If you have photos that were previously taken with an old camera or cell phone. Of course, the quality of the photos and the sharpness of the pixels they produce will be different than when using today’s cameras and smartphones. Or, it could be that once you want to capture a moment but your hands are already shaking so that the focus lens on the camera becomes a little blurry and the photos are not satisfactory.

Well, along with the development of modern times, you can improve the quality of the unsatisfactory photo by relying on artificial intelligence technology or commonly called AI. To be able to get this, you can install the following 3 applications that use AI technology to be able to reconstruct parts of the blurry photo pixels. In fact, not only sharpen your photos, the following application has a feature to color old photos in black and white format. And the results of the color output will also be very precise and look so real. Although, it’s just a guess from AI technology.

So, here are 3 android applications that can improve the quality of your photos, including the following:

1. Remini

Remini App Logo [Google Play Store]

In the first place there is an application called Remini. An application launched in 2019 by a developer named Splice Video Editor This is a photo enhancer application that is quite famous and popular which is characterized by more than 100 million downloads obtained from this application.

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In the old version of the Remini application, in addition to the Photo Enhancer feature to sharpen photos, the previous version of Remini had features Colorize to color black and white photos. However, in the latest version, Remini only focuses on Photo Enhancer just. .

You can install this application via the Play Store and start trying the Remini application. In the free version, for every one-time Enhance, you will be required to watch an ad first so that Remini will process your photo.

Well, to be free from these ads you can subscribe at a rate of Rp. 40,000 per week. It’s quite expensive but worth the results, in my opinion, Photo Enhance from Remini is the smoothest and removes photo noise very well.

2. PhotoTune

PhotoTune App Logo [Sumber : Google Play Store]
PhotoTune App Logo [Google Play Store]

In second place is an application called PhotoTune which was released in March, 2022 by a developer named vyro.ai. This application has a total download of 1 million users on the Play Store.

For the features of this PhotoTune application there are 4 kinds: Enhance, Beauty, HDR, and Colorize. For the Enhance feature itself, I think the results are also pretty good, smooth and can eliminate noise quite well.

For the free version, for each time you use one feature like Colorize and others. Just like Remini, you are required to watch ads first so the application will process your photos.

So, in order to be ad-free and get premium fabric services from this PhotoTune application, you can also subscribe at a fee paid plan the following :

  • Rp. 38,000 per week
  • Rp. 369,000 per year
  • Rp. 590,000 for Lifetime
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3. AskAi

MintAi App Logo [Sumber : Google Play Store]
MintAi App Logo [Google Play Store]

In the third position there is an application called MintAI. The application, which was launched in July, 2021, is one of the Photo Enhancer applications made by a developer called Mingkun Tech It is widely used by people marked by the number of downloads of more than 1 million users on the Play Store.

The features offered by MintAi are more than Remini and PhotoTune. namely Photo Enhancer, Comic Style, Restore Old Photo, Paint, Colorize, and Repair Scratch. As for the quality of the Photo Enhancer feature itself, after I tried it, the results were not much different from the PhotoTune application. Which means the results are pretty good too.

In the free version, just like Remini and PhotoTune, you are required to watch ads first so MintAi will process the photos you want. But the difference is, MintAi includes a transparent watermark on the photos it processes. Unlike Remini and PhotoTune which are free of watermarks.

So, in order to get rid of ads and watermarks in the free version, you can subscribe to the MintAi application for a fee paid plain as below :

  • Rp. 57,000 per month
  • Rp. 129,000 per 3 months
  • Rp. 429,000 per year

So, those are 3 android applications that can improve the quality of your photos for the better. With this application, you don’t have to worry anymore about poor photo quality because there are already applications that can handle this. In your opinion, besides the 3 applications above, what other applications can improve photo quality on Android? May be useful.

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