October 1, 2022


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3 Absolute Criteria that a Potential Spouse Must Have when You Get Married

Before deciding to get married, a person must have absolute criteria that must be owned by his partner. However, what is the absolute criterion?

The absolute criteria are the criteria of the prospective partner that must exist, cannot be negotiated, and must be met.

Check out the description of the 3 absolute criteria that your partner must have so that the marriage and partner of your dreams can be achieved.

1. Non-Physical Criteria

These non-physical criteria include age range, domicile or area of ​​origin, ethnicity, education level, marital status, nature/character, and others.

These seven things are important and non-negotiable because the things above will affect a person’s nature, character, and maturity.

Because humans will tend to behave according to the environment, past experience, and level of education, which shape it. So, you have to think about this carefully before choosing a partner who will accompany you for the rest of your life.

2. Physical Criteria

In addition to non-physical criteria, physical criteria are equally important. Because as the saying goes, “from the eyes down to the heart”, we are allowed to choose a partner according to the visuals we like.

It aims to maintain household harmony and prevent infidelity. Having a partner who is physically pleasing to the eye will certainly make you more in love and feel at home.

Physically pleasing to the eye does not mean you have to be beautiful or handsome because each person has their own criteria.

3. Criteria from Parents

The last thing to consider is the criteria of the parents. Because parental approval is one of the things that makes your marriage a blessing and happiness, so this cannot be ignored.

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Just like non-physical criteria, the criteria for these parents include: age range, domicile or area of ​​origin, ethnicity, education level, marital status, nature/character, and others.

Because parents usually focus on the character and background of their child’s potential partner so that they feel safe and calm when their child leaves the house after marriage.

When they find a good son-in-law and have a certain age, domicile, background, and level of education, parents will usually find it easier to accept the child’s marriage. Happiness will certainly be more complete because parents have given their blessing.

Those were 3 absolute things that your partner must have before you get married so that your marriage can be happier.