August 8, 2022

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2022 World Cup Group H: Ghana’s revenge against Uruguay, hot alarm

Ghana and Uruguay, are now in a group with Portugal and South Korea in Group H of the 2022 World Cup which will be held in Qatar at the end of this year. From the alley draw, Ghana will cross paths with Uruguay later, this is certainly a very crucial match for both of them. Emotional, of course and vengeful, moreover.

The incident of Luis Suarez who suddenly became a goalkeeper brushed the ball away at the 2010 World Cup, is still stored in the memories and memories of the Ghana national team. Luis Suarez without hesitation became a hero in goal. Although, it was not at all instructed by his coach at the time, Oscar Tabarez. But that’s Suarez. Players who sometimes suddenly become the public are amazed.

At the World Cup held in South Africa at that time, Ghana and Uruguay met in the quarter-finals. Naturally, the name is the quarter-finals. So, playing with high tension, it’s a must. But, what Suarez did, was beyond what the coach wanted.

Where is the coach telling a player to be a goalkeeper, then brushing the ball that the opponent is aiming at his goal? Ghana is familiar with the nickname Black Star, of course angry with Suarez’s behavior. Well, the ball is almost in, how come it was pushed aside? But, thanks to Suarez’s sacrifice, Uruguay became the winner. Isn’t it sacred?

The match then ended 1:1. Both strong. Ghana took the lead through Sulley Muntari’s long-range shot. Uruguay goalkeeper, Fernando Muslera made helpless. Lesakannya, so beautiful. Sweet for Ghana, but bitter for Uruguay. sob.

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But, as a team inhabited by Cavani, Suarez and other star players at that time, of course they did not want to lose. Haha, that’s a shame. I want to lose to Ghana, ah, I don’t want to.

And sure enough, Uruguay in the second half, got a free kick. Free, as long as you don’t kick it at the audience. And Diego Forlan who became the executioner. Maknyos, his kick resulted in a goal. 1:1 ends the game. And, move on to extra time.

The Luis Suarez incident that shocked the public

In the final minutes of extra time, Ghana almost took the lead. Dominic Adiyiah’s header almost gave his team the lead. But, it was pushed over by Suarez. The goal failed. Suarez was given a red card. Because, Uruguay got a penalty.

Meanwhile, Ghana fans cheered the penalty goal. Asamoah Gyan, forward as executor. But he failed to make good use of it. No goals. Suarez was again flowery. It was the turn of the Ghana supporters who held their heads. They didn’t think, how come they didn’t score. The 1:1 result went to the penalty shootout. This is where Ghana lost.

Will Uruguay again make Ghana regret? Or the revenge of Ghana that will materialize?