September 24, 2022

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2022 World Cup Group C: Argentina Benefited, Really?

Looking at Group C of the 2022 World Cup which will be held in Qatar later, there will be Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Poland and Mexico. Seeing the series of this team, it is clear that Argentina is favored. However, is it all really profitable for Lionel Messi and his colleagues?

Lionel Scaloni’s troops, Argentina can indeed be said to have found a team that is not too difficult to deal with. However, the matter of victory, don’t be arrogant just yet. This is a world cup, where all teams are purely looking to win to get to the next phase.

Indeed, among the four teams in Group H, Argentina is absolutely superior to the FIFA rankings. But, again, it’s not a real reference that Argentina will easily kick their opponents. At the very least, the enemies that will surprise Angel Di Maria and colleagues are Mexico and Poland. But still. Argentina are far on paper as favourites.

Saudi Arabia, managed by Herve Renard, is not a team to be underestimated. The reason is, Saudi Arabia’s qualification for the World Cup, there are sacrifices and accurate tactics. At least, Argentina will be a little tested later.

In the second round of the World Cup qualifiers, thanks to Renard’s big contribution and brilliant ideas, Saudi Arabia sits in first place. Uzbekistan was made to sit under it. Also in the third round. Saudi Arabia topped the standings. Japan was forced to sit under them. In fact, in 10 matches in Pildun Qualification, this team from the Middle East only lost once with seven wins.

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In fact, at the 2018 World Cup in Russia at that time, Saudi Arabia was able to overthrow Egypt with a score of 2:1. Isn’t it fierce? So, is it worth Argentina to get an easy team?

Poland, at the 2018 World Cup, can be said to have failed. So, whoever the current opponent is, they will of course rise from that slump. From the Mexican side. This team is a subscription to the round of 16. Once again, is it still appropriate for Argentina to be easy to play in Group C at the 2022 World Cup?

Easy or not, for Argentina, it will still struggle to the death. The status of Copa America and Finalissima champions, not qualifying from the group stage is a shame. Therefore, they will also play for real. Messi, is the actor.