May 30, 2023

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2 Easy Ways to Make Interesting Blurb Novels

Blurb is a brief description of the contents of a book that makes readers interested in buying the book. Some people sometimes get confused between the blurb and the synopsis, even though they have differences.

The difference is that Blurb only describes pieces of the book whose position is behind the novel. Meanwhile, the synopsis is a summary of the book from the beginning of the story to the end.

Making a blurb looks easy, but writing a blurb that looks attractive can be quite difficult. The problem that is often experienced by writers when making blurbs is the emergence of questions such as “is the method of delivery in the blurb easy to understand and has characteristics that make readers want to buy it?” and various other questions.

Therefore, here’s how to make a blurb that might be tried in order to produce a bestselling novel.

1. Read More Similar Genres

When we decide to become a novelist, we regularly read various types of genres, especially genres similar to the story to be written. Therefore, we must pay attention to the uniqueness of each blurb that is read in order to have an idea of ​​how to make the reader interested in our novel.

Novels that have been selling well in the market indicate that the author already understands some of the things that the reader wants so they look at the novel. As much as possible, we analyze the blurb sentences commonly used in novels by other authors in the same genre. Not the intention of plagiarism, but as an inspiration that will create creativity in ourselves, where we can also understand what things make our blurb novel less interesting.

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2. Arouse Readers’ Curiosity

Think of things that could make the reader very curious about the continuation of the novel that was made. The author can include dialogue that touches the hearts of readers, such as providing a dialogue snippet about the conflict that occurs in the main character. Usually, the presence of conflict makes a person’s desire to buy increase.

In addition, we can write quotes that are in accordance with the contents of the novel, for example our novel is about the turmoil of teenagers who are heartbroken, so make a confused quote about the situation that has been or is being experienced by the reader so that the desire to read the novel continues to increase.

Those are two ways that can give you a little idea about blurb creation. Hopefully useful and good luck.