December 6, 2022

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15-minute Scene Insider Drama Reaps Condemnation of Religious Practitioners in South Korea

One of the newest dramas from South Korea, insiders, is currently reaping public criticism because of a scene they show in one of the episodes. Just like in Indonesia which concern on issues related to religion, the drama series, which was released on June 8, 2022, also stumbled upon a similar case.

Adapted from the page Hancinema, over the past week or so, Insiders have received strong protests and attacks by netizens because the fifteen-minute scene they showed in the first episode, was considered to have insulted Buddhists in South Korea in particular and also in the world in general.

For your information, the 15-minute scene in question is a scene that shows a group of monks at a temple who are clearly doing illegal gambling scenes.

This of course is in stark contrast to the beliefs held by Buddhists, which clearly represent that a monk must be free from all worldly temptations. For practitioners of Buddhism in South Korea, the depiction is a huge insult to them.

Realizing the error, JTBC (Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company) which is a television network and broadcasting copyright owner as well as a drama broadcaster Insiders take immediate and decisive action.

In addition to making an official apology, JTBC also decided to delete the episode containing the scene that offended the Buddhists, as well as remove it from the streaming platform in order to stem the bigger controversy.

Not only that, JTBC also promised to re-upload the first episode, after cutting the 15-minute scene in question.

But unfortunately, because of the length of the duration that must be cut, it is feared that the storyline that is built will become awkward and requires a lot of thinking from the audience to understand the storyline.

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Controversy involving drama Insiders seems to be another proof of JTBC’s weakness in building harmonization with the wider community.

Before being protested for a 15-minute scene that offended Buddhists, JTBC had previously stumbled upon a similar case in the drama series Snowdrop earlier this year.

At that time, the general public criticized the democratization movement in South Korea which was considered too tendentious and also not in accordance with the actual historical flow. Hopefully it will be a lesson to be better!